Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville

Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville

Since founding Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville , we have been blessed to create a stable following of loyal customers. Much of this is in recognition of the ever-growing teams of mechanics we have in our business.

On a positive note, we have the best patrols of mobile mechanic teams; all of them go through rigorous background checks to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable.

To ensure that we continue to provide the best mobile services. We have increased the number of mobile technicians in Jacksonville to 16 and expanded the range of affordable mobile mechanic services.

We strive for total customer satisfaction each time we complete a mobile auto repair. We aim to ensure your car, truck, or van runs as smoothly as the day you purchased it.

With many ESA certified mobile mechanic squads in Jacksonville , customers can be confident that we have the training, expertise, and tools to complete many types of mobile auto repairs on site, and that each mechanic has been trained and certified.

When the repair of your truck, car, or light truck becomes too complex to be completed on the road, we have shops strategically located, so one of our mobile mechanics in Jacksonville can pick up your vehicle.


    Our Services

    Maintenance Tune-Ups

    Spark plugs and your ignition coils form essential components of your car no matter how old...

    Starter Replacement

    You often find that your starter motor does not start your vehicle in the morning. If your ...

    Automotive AC Repair

    The majority of customers request a mobile mechanic in Jacksonville because the ...

    Brake Replacement

    Servicing your brakes is essential if you want to be safe for you and your passengers. Your...

    Radiator Repair

    Your car's cooling system plays a crucial role in each function of your vehicle. The...

    Car Diagnostics

    Nowadays, vehicles are considerably more sophisticated than cars of recent decades...

    Pre-Purchase car Inspections

    When you buy a used car, not having enough information available can result in a costly mistake. The purchase of a vehicle or other type of vehicle in Jacksonville may be one of the most important investments you can make.

    We have trained and certified ASE mobile mechanic drivers in Jacksonville , who can help in this situation.

    A mobile mechanic will travel to the prospective vehicle purchase and conduct a comprehensive vehicle check to verify all safety and operational features are in good working order.

    • Engine and transmission: Each engine and transmission component, which can be examined by an expert mobile mechanic.
    • Suspension & Brakes: Covers brake pads, rotors, tires, ball joints, bushings, stabilizers, steering arms, and others.
    • Bodywork: Mobile mechanic inspection for signs of a collision.
    • Fluids: Check the condition, age, and levels
    • Electrical components: Each one checked by a vehicle mobile mechanic electrician in Jacksonville .
    • Computer scan: Engine fault code scanning, checking stored codes, and PID verification.


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    What Our Clients Have to Say

    “My wife was stranded while doing the groceries, with two kids with her, she was stuck. I called Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville , and they got her sorted in no time. Great Job”


     – Jacksonville

    “My battery was flatter than a pancake and it was almost midnight. If it wasn’t for Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville , I could have slept in my truck.”

    Dave Richards

    - Jacksonville

    Your alternator is the key element, which keeps your vehicle's battery fully charged. If it fails, you may wind up with an empty battery and won't be able to start your engine.

    A mobile mechanic in Jacksonville can verify your battery is holding a charge when fully charged, or he can swap the alternator to prevent your battery from dying.

    Driving a car with no steering is a hazardous experience. Should you lose control of your car, pull over, and call a mechanic in Jacksonville immediately. When your suspension doesn't work correctly, not only does it start to bump, you can damage many of the other components of your car.

    We can have the repair shop, the mobile mechanic in Jacksonville come to your home and ensure your suspension and steering is in full working order.

    An inferior transmission can render your car inoperable. If you suspect that your car's transmission is having problems, call Mobile Mechanic Pros in Jacksonville .

    We will diagnose and fix virtually any problem with your transmission in Jacksonville , regardless of where you choose to call your mechanic.

    The services of our mechanics in Jacksonville are not limited to work on cars and trucks. They have the qualifications, tools, and experience to perform almost any maintenance and repair work on heavy equipment.

    Our Commitment

    Each mechanic assigned by us to work in Jacksonville will flawlessly carry out the tasks he or she is entrusted with. During the process of work on your vehicle, feel free to inspect the work of our mobile mechanic and ask any questions you may have, every mobile mechanic will be happy to answer.

    It doesn't matter if the work done on your vehicle is simple or complex, all costs are affordable, and no Jacksonville mobile mechanic is going to overlook something to cut corners in an attempt to reduce costs.

    With our ever-increasing customer base, we want to acknowledge and thank each one individually for their longstanding commitment and dedication to the Mobile Mechanics of Jacksonville .

    Besides each mechanic, there is no way we could have been the number 1 expert in Jacksonville ,without the help of our clients, whom we would love to thank. They are the ones who were trusting in us.

    Over the past fourteen years, we have seen over 14,300 vehicles.

    Each has been through our mobile mechanic services, repairs, and inspections,and all thanks to 9,234 customers, both old and new.